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Goal Factory Formual

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Ok...It seemed pretty obvious but wanted to make sure...thanks

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Hi Jeff,

In the translation phase..I'm not clear on the Evidence Procedures..I'm supposed to imagine how I will feel when I reach my goal? To imagine what my life will be like ? You mean , like imagining my new car, or my new mean something tangible..I find the indications to be quite unclear on this...


So sorry we missed this post.

HI Leslie,

An evidence procedure answers the question" How will you know when you achieved your goal?" If you set a goal to have a specific car--- how will you know when you have achieved it? The answer is obvious. When it is in your driveway, the ownership is in your name and the cheque has cleared.

For emotional goals it can be a little more difficult. How will you know when you know when people do not stress you out as they did in the past? Well one way you might know is that you go 4 days without getting angry. OR you might notice that you feel better more often Or that your wok day is easier and you are less tired at the end of the day. These examples are less tangible BUT they can serve as clear signs that you have achieved your goal and it is time to more on.


Evidence procedures can be anything as long as it serves as a "Marker" a sign in the road that lets you know that you have arrived at your destination.


The point is to set a clear sign for yourself that lets you know that you have achieved your goal so that you can celebrate and move on to the next step. It can be tangible -- that works for things --- but for emotional goals or relationship goals, it more likely to be less tangible and more experiential in nature.

Hope that helps,

Jefffrey Gignac

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