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Could I please set my own password? I have one picked out. Thank you, Linda
Hi Jeffrey, I have purchased the life frequencies respond package. I have a problem with the health and vitality audio 20 mn which is mute from 3 mn on.
Thanks for your return.

Best regards


A new Health and Vitality Link has been posted in the Members area.

Thank you,

The Support Team

Hi, I signed up for the $7 platinum upgrade and have nothing to download anywhere. I am able only to listen to the free audio inner genius but not the other extras. Can you help?

Hi Kimberly, we sent you a direct link. Hopefully it will work for you.

Hi there, Your site is Very Confusing! I just bought Couples in love source programming and it will not download on my phone (thats all i have/use) Im trying to find my order on yr site here, & all i see are FAQs... im soo lost, where is my audio i just bought?
I received your email inviting me to create my new account, but I don't see how to do that. What should I do?  Thanks for helping,  JoEllen


Hi Jeffrey! i recently got your 2 'GENIUS' enlightening pieces! The audio/visual for 10 minutes, just stops after 15 seconds in! i know that many webinars, audiomars, etc., stop & then continue within a couple of seconds. YOUR's does NOT! I can stop it & then start it again, but it only continues for a few more seconds!!! Do I have that one in a million 'bad apple'? OR - what? In order to watch the entire 10 Minutes - I have to stop and then start it - 50 times!!! WOULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME A SOLUTION? I just love what you're doing for our world! BUT - this is TRULY a problem! I'll be waiting, hopefully! Lovingly, D.J. Jordan aka: Diane  XoX ❤️
I purchased a product from Source Programming and rcvd the purchase through you. I cannot download my purchase to my android phone which is the only device I have. I have emailed both Jeffrey from the Gignac website, as well as Rev Cyndi from Source Programming and have received no response. Who's going to help me with this? I want to download my purchase asap pls.
It seems like maybe the Source Programming audios arent downloading to Android devices... because im having the same issue as the person above me...

The problem is caused by trying to watch them in yiur browser instead of downloading them first. These are not like youtube videos, they must be download to your computer or device first because they require the ability to play upwards of 7 to 10 megs per second.

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