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Any Suggestions

We would love to hear any suggestions you might have for us regarding our products and services.

Hey Jeffrey! Thanks for creating more Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Health with and for *me today!

Yes I'm refreshingly, re-connected with you (former client /beta-tester of your earlier work).

Anyway, just found your email containing your Video msg in my Inbox earlier (thank you!) - watched and in pursuit of the 2 gifts you mentioned--having trouble with "Happiness" - link not active.


Besides that, I remember well, some advice you gave to me before, re: pre and post prep when listening to these audios; that of, "drinking water before and after a session" - of course to facilitate flushing toxins.

I encourage you to add this tip - to the video message for the potential *many who will experiment and practice with this technique.

I will add a couple of suggestions to that - Important that the water be of a Filtered variety Spring or Reverse Osmosis to allay the adulterants found in common Tap water. I do also suggest a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt. You may be familiar with Dr. Moto's work "The Hidden Miracles in Water" and I'll point you to a Youtube I just found that explores sound-energizing of water, for example the phonetic "EH" as in "Yet", sung or chanted to a glass of water to energize it and drinking it upon rising. I'm convinced, that if the pitch C# is used it would have an even larger benefit. Chat feedback invited. Is the video link to Sacred Vowels I just mentioned. I noted the background chanting was in fact, C#. Which I have learned is the accepted pitch of the ancient word "Om"

HI Jay...

Thanks so much. I am going to add the suggestion. Keep them coming! :)

The hppiness link is now active.

Looking forward to what you have to say.

Thanks again,


Hi Jeff,


Buying into what is and not trusting what is possible. Trust is a big one for me so I create more of what is which is not pleasant.





I am only on day 2 so looking forward to some breakthroughs here.

Hello Jeffrey, 

My knowledge of how the brain works and puts things together may be lacking, but might I suggest that the words in the videos are spelled correctly and the sentences or phrases are complete thoughts when put together?   



Hi Jeff,
Just want to let you know that I am a fan of your products. I want to know if there is a systematic way to use your Inner genius, elite packages, brain fitness and deep awakening consciousness breakthrough?
I mean does it depends on your activities: meditating, working, setting goals, clearing my negative emotions, changing my subconscious beliefs? I think the information are in the videos, but I would like it to be organized in a PDF manual so that I can effectively use all the products in a more integrative manner to achieve my goals and dreams quickly,
Thanks again.

Alex Lee


Hi Jeff, I'm using this forum more to ask you a question . I'm chasing some appropriate background music for my wife's fashion boutique . It's all woman's fashion and very classy . We used to play some of your music in a previous shop and it was perfect( total euphoria,good vibrations jazz, dream maker,these were perfect ). So my question is can I obtain extended versions of this style of music in say 20or30hour blocks and after a month or so download some fresh stuff? regards Greg.

Hi Jeff,

My question is - do you have (or plan to develop) a program that facilitates deep meditation?

Thanks, Elozor

Recently I acquired several antique Tibetan singing bowls that were hand crafted and used in meditation practice by Tibetan monks. Some of these are over 400 years old.


They create natural binaural beats and each one is tuned to energize, heal and balance specific chakras. It is also designed to facilitate deep meditation.

These singing bowls create sound healing vibrations that are very special... I am very impressed!!!


I recorded myself playing them using a certified THX microphone. I then added some ambient background sounds.


Let me know if you want to review it for me and I will send you the link to your e-mail address. I would want a review in the next few days.


Thank you

Jeffrey Gignac

Hi Jeff,

Yes, I'd like to review it.


Hi Jeff,

I hope you are living in your greatest version of yourself, I want to achieve it this year.I would love to review the Tibetan bowl sound. Please send me the link. Still your No 1 fan in mind-body-spirit awakening and elevation.


Thank you.

Alex Lee

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the Chakra Healing Tibetan Bowl MP3, I downloaded it yesterday and listened to it twice.

Once last night before bed and this morning after I woke up. Day one (in 24 hours) of my review: I am going to share it as a testimonial that you can use for this product. Here goes: 

"Jeff Gignac have created something unbelievable and impossible. It works after the first time, I listen to it physical changes of healing occur on my body and mental changes in my awareness. The second time I listen to it I saw through a series of flashes of mental pictures from other times and places. The best experience I had meeting my spirit guide or angel. I am speechless until now. Amazing product you are the No 1 leader in mind-body-spirit shifting technology. I am grateful for the opportunity to use this reality changing product."

Thank you!

Best regards,

Alex Lee

Alternative Nutritionist and Holistic Healer

Hi Jeff,

I haven't yet received the link. Have you sent it to my email address?


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