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Using Your Members Area! Tips, tricks and troubleshooting

Here are some general tips about using your members area.

Tips For Upgrading Your Account

When purchase a new product or service or add a new membership level

to your account, you will have to LOGOUT then LOG back in again before you

will be able to access your new products and trainings. This goes with paid and

fee membership levels.

Tips For Logging Into Your Account

Sometimes your username appears as a link in your emailsl,
please be careful when using "copy and paste" to enter it
on our members login screen.

Using the "copy and paste" method can cause the word "mailto"
to be added to the front of your username. If this occurs, our system
will not recognize your username as valid.

When you enter your user name it should look like this:  
NOT this :

This is only an issue if your username appears as a link
(blue underlined) in the e-mail.

It is ok to "copy and paste" your password..

Thank you and have great day!

How do you sign up for an account to have access to your products and demo center without going through my facebook?

Hi Annette

This is easy! The FaceBook Connect option is offered as a convenience and only shows itself when the internet browser or computer you are using is already logged into Facebook.

Research shoes that people will use this option because it is quicker and easier as oppose to an optin form when it is available. To have the normal optin form show up, simply

log out of Facebook and refresh the sign up page and you will see the usual optin form asking for your e-mail and name.

Just so you know, we do not access your contacts or personal information from Facebook. We don;t use that feature of the Facebook Connect! 

If you have a username and password for our members area, BUT not for the Demo Center, just login and you will see a newly added form that asks just for the name and e-mail address.

Jeff's Staff

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