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Hi Jeffery & team,

I'm not new to BWE or Meditation. I love your albums in the Premium Mind Body Spirit System. And I'm ready to continue my growth.

Which system would be the next step,  Deep Conscious Awakening or Life Response Frequencies?

 Both of the demos sound great.  

HI Karen,

Both programs are fantastic. The Life Response Frequencies comes with hypnosis session until the end of the month so in terms of value, you might want to go with the LRF program.

If you can tell more about where you are and and what you want to achieve, maybe I can give you some better direction.


Jeffrey GIgnac

OK, here goes.  I have been retired, from a very stressful job, for 4 years now. (It took 2 years of sleeping 16 hours a day to recoup and heal, mentally & physically.) For the last 2 years I've become restlessly and dissatisfied with where my life was headed. So I started working on my personal growth again. I have acquired many negative mental ruts and physical problems (Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, and being overweight) because I didn't handle 30 years of high stress well. I got lost in it and I let it consume me. But no more. I've made many positive changes in my life. 

Stop smoking, "clean" eating habits, gave up sugar and processed foods, lost nearly 50 lbs., listening to BWE & self-confidence hypnotic cds, reading success and "new ways of thinking" books, took a "Law of Attraction" course, began listening to my Abraham/Hicks cds again, started back up with my spiritual practices, and now I'm in the process of giving up alcohol because I realize it's hindering my growth. Can't hear my intuition or guidance if my mind is numbed out. I give myself credit for coming a long way in a short period of time. My plan is to bombard my mind with as much positive, growth orientated input as possible. I figure I've got hundreds of thousand of negative thought patterns and beliefs to counteract. So there you go. That's where I am.

I just downloaded your Super Mind Academy course that came as a bonus with your Premium Mind Body Spirit System. I just finished Day 2 of Month 1.  

Wow, what a lot of information. So I guess the question now is, can I add the LRF program or the Deep Conscious Awakening program to the SMA? Or would that be mind over-load? And if I can add one of these programs which one would compliment SMA program?

I also want to thank you for developing your BWE albums. I can feel that they are working far better than all the other BWE albums I have bought in the past. 

Love, Light and Laughter,

Karen B

Hello, I just brought the Deep Conscious Awakening and would like to know if any of the Brain Entrainment could help with Alzheimers or even if it is safe for an Alzheimers patient to listen to them?  Many thanks!  Connie M


entrainment is certainly safe for them.  but it is not a cure.  it will give the same benefits to any person, no matter their state of health.

Hi everyone,

I have been using DCA for a week but not consistent enough as instructed to listen to it 3 times a day for 6 days. I was wondering if I could combine to listen to the Level-1 Core Access AM and Level-1 Core Access back-to-back and just listen to the Level-1 Core Access PM before I sleep? I am now listening up to Level-2.


HI Alex

This would be a good way to use the the DCA.

Keep at it. :) I also noticed you picked up the free video for the Ten Minute Turn-Around. Use that when you can as well. I will be publishing a lot more on The 10 Minute Turn-Around with great tips.

Thanks again Alex,


HI Jeff,

Thanks for the encouragement. I did have past childhood memory flashing back and I was able to look at some negative childhood experience in a positive way meaning it's just a residue memory and I don't have to fear it or feel hurt about it. DCA is probably an amazing way to clear-up childhood negative programming. Great!! 

Feeling Amazing


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