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What's Your Biggest Challenge Right Now?

Because my team and I are committed to creating products that make a BIG difference in people's lives, I really want to know what is most important to you, right now in your life.

I know that not everyone is in a position to be able to buy the full versions of our products and that's OK.  That's one of the reasons we like like to give away great content that really helps people.

I also know that if I can really help people in ways that are meaningful, I will have a customer when the time is right. It's what I like to call a Win Win scenario!

So this is what I would like you to do. Let me know what you need help with right now in your life. What's most important to you? Here are some topics to get you started.

Brainwave Entrainment                                

Everything NLP                                          


Using the Law of Attraction                         

Creating the Life You want Live

Improving Relationships

Health and Nutrition

Overcoming Negativity and self sabotage

How to meditate

Definitive guide to understanding and using Brainwave Entrainment so you can gain every advantage life 

Thank you for your input in Advance,

Jeffrey Gignac

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Sleeping through the night would change my life - I have not found one program that works for me yet.  It is very draining to be awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night, sapping vitality for the next day.

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Overcoming negativity, self-sabotage and silencing the "Inner Critic" has to be number one because as long as your mind keeps automatically returning to old negative thought patterns, personal growth looks like 3 steps forward & 2.5 steps back. Those old negative thoughts & beliefs can get so loud you can't get a peaceful nights rest, can't seem to let go of bad habits or addictions and maintain the positive changes you want to make in your life, can't hear your intuition, guidance or inner wisdom or even your own brain's plain logic and reason of "That was then...this is now...let it go!" 

For me this seems to be the starting place or the foundation of long term personal growth & change.

I am grateful that your life's higher purpose is to help others to live a life of peace, prosperity, happiness, and good health. I believe that when you help others reach their goals, you reach yours as well...Win-Win!

I think I need to overcome negativity and self sabotage.  As much as I want to graduate from school with a 4.0 average ( which I am) I still have trouble with what I read in the past terms. I have this fear that I won't pass the final test. I also fear I am not good enough to start a new career. I feel I can do it and I deserve it, but I think inside I don't. I don't feel good about my accomplishments because I never feel good enough. I want to feel good, and be mentally sharp. I want to make decent money and have a good life. Yes, I think I need to overcome negativity and self-sabotage.


What do you suggest for studying, stress management and successful test-taking?



I need help to find my perfect partner and to have more than enough money.


Best Regards


 Hi Jeff, here's a big one for you:- being a loser has been hard wired into me for the last 25 years, 60 years old now. If I use a quit smoking product I smoke more. If I use your luck dream programme I see how everyone else gets lucky - usually against me. If I play better poker I win less. If I want to improve my chess, I can't, etc. etc. When I was young my contrary, contra cyclical approach was called unconventional, different and it worked, for me anyway. Now nothing works. There are lots of products out there to make you feel good, yours are probably the best and they work, but what's the point of feeling good about being a loser?.Goals: write the book, win the london event of the EPT, play better chess, have loads of money, get a life!

Thank you for asking,

Actually i have been attracted to your course because i feel my wave brain are not in sinc most of he time and it s getting worse as i age .

I know that if my energy level is high i can accomplish a lot .Ihave been to different courses to try to resolve issue around money i cleaned my past my father and mother relationship with money but it didn tseem to work ,always striving about money try to get out of debts and trying to get my business to next level .I m still looking for the key...

i have a problem recruiting also the right employees and valid helper since  i do attract loosers or people that have not interest in pushing forward the company.I ve been stagnating since 5 years at least .Can t seem to find the way to resolve the issue and i don t want to close at least partially, my business .I am hoping by listening to your sound entrainment will help me see clearly and react the right way. thank you

Would really wanna purchase your full version of goal factory coz I need major help on goal planning. But don't have money to afford it now.

I am in my eighties and have been involved with metaphysics for about 45 years.  Lots of things were not working at the time and of course that has changed.  I am happy, heathy, very aware of my reactions and judgements.  Not so aware of my fears but know they are there.  Once while meditating I came to a wall, felt fear and popped up.  Another time I tried a psychedelic.  A driftwood lamp next to me developed branches that seemed to come after me.  I sat up and thought I will not have a bad trip.  It stopped immediately.  I then took another and nothing happened. What I would like to bring up is what that fear is about.  It seams to block me from going deeper in meditation and my sensitivity to energy. I would also like to move more from my head to my heart.   Any suggestions?

How do I get access to the audios

I need to get over procastination and self-sabotage. I also want to connect with my intuition and discover my purpose in life.


Two things I have been challenged with my entire life are weight loss and doing consistent exercise.  Programs that would assist me in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello jeff Thank u very much 4 ur efforts Well I need sth 4 my daughter.she's 22 years old.she was diagnosed as having brain atrophy 12 years ago.l'm working on her. She is now much better but I need sth that strenghtens her memory, makes her focused and activates every cell in her brain that helps her come back to life. Please help Best regards Khitam

My biggest challenge is insomnia.  I have attempted to manage this for years through various means ie. diet, hypnosis, The Sleepio Program, environmental changes, etc. etc.  I recently moved to Costa Rica.  The night before I left, March 17, 2015 I did not sleep well.  Not uncommon for preparation to fly.  Since that night I have not slept well at all and today is June 17, 2015.  It impacts everything in my life.  Do you have any suggestions of a program you might have?  Thank you.

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