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7-day challenge, also a question about the use of gamma

Hi Jeff,


In the 7-day challenge, on the 7th day when we are supposed to use the 50 minute Super Charger, should it be the one with gamma or the one without gamma?


In terms of using gamma in general, in the Energy and Enlightenment program, we are to begin with session 1 for 10 min. When should we do the 20 minute version? Am I correct that there are two 20 minute versions of Energy and Enlightenment, one with gamma and one without? Which 20-minute session should we be listening to? When to use the one with gamma and the one without gamma? With Energy and Enlightenment I'm assuming also that we should not be listening to it near that correct? I think the other ones which are alpha, theta, and delta would be OK before bedtime. Or is there an optimal time of day for listening to the sessions in general?


In the Life Supercharge, in the two tracks that have gamma, are the gamma waves all the way through those recordings or only on the part where the Energy and Enlightenment section of music/sound would be?


Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new at this, having just started the LRF program.




Eitel Sharon 

Hi Lois,

Watch the intro videos that come with the Life Response Frequencies program for the instructions for the 7 Day Challenge. It may be labelled "support Videos" depending how you got access to the program.

Essentially, you just use one audio from each module once per day and journal your experiences. On Day one, start with Happiness Essentials, Day 2, Prosperity and Abundance essentials, day three Peace and Harmony essentials, day 4, Health and Vitality Essentials, day 5, Energy and Enlightenment Essentials, Day 6 the Life Super Charger, Choose one of the 50 minute versions. Day 7 rest,(no entrainment technology. Each night before you go to bed journal your experiences noticing and positive shifts. Use either the 10 minute version or 20 minute versions of the audios for Day 1 through 5

Hope that helps,

The Support Team

How do we do the 7 day challenge and which videos/audios do we use for this?  Wdhat is the Super Charger and is it included in the products I already have?  Which videos/audios have the GAMMA?

Thanks and have a blessed day!

Is the website fully functional yet.  I am not able to find the frequencies.  Are they not up yet?

Ahh I see. We will have to get that fixed.

Use the 50 minute without Gamma to start. You can start testing the Gamma tracks for sensitivity any time. I just want people to be careful in the beginning. It's never hurt anyone that I know of but Gamma can make people a little jumpy if they are sensitive to it.

I'll update the manual to reflect these ideas later.

Thank you and many blessing,

Jeffrey Gignac

Thanks for the answers, Jeff. The only thing I still need clarification on is the use of the Super Charger in the  7 day challenge. You say to use the 40 min non-gamma version on day 6. But on the 7th day you say to use the 50-minute version. It was the 50-minute version I was enquiring about. Should it be the 50-minute one with or without gamma? That is not clear in the instructions regarding day 7. So if you could clear this up, that would be great!


Eitel Sharon

Hello and sorry for the late reply. We've been very busy with response to our new site and offers.

Here are the Answers,

In using the 7 Day challenge, I would listen to the one without Gamma, The 40 minute version.

In regards to using Tracks with Gamma, this is covered extensively in the user manual. 

There is one version without Gamma, that is correct. You can listen to either version you like but test for your own sensitivity to Gamma. I outline an acclimatization process in the manual if you are sensitive to Gamma. 

I would not use the version with Gamma two close to bed time. The manual offers more insight on when and how to use it based on how you intend to use the Life Response Frequencies Collection.

The other audios are generally OK before bedtime. Other than that, We find that listening to the audios in the morning tend to produce the best results however you can listen to them whenever works best for you.

In The Life Supper Charger, The Gamma is only in the last 10 minutes.

I hope this answers your questions and have a great day.

We are here if you have any other questions :)

Jeffrey Gignac

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