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SMA Program

Dear Jeffrey,

I hope this message finds you well.  I used to be a member of your Super Mind Academy Program.  I moved to China with the intent to complete the program  there.  While in China, the SMA website did not work and the ipod with the audios on it was lost in the move.  With that said, upon my return to the US, it seems that the program/forums have disappeared (I see the website it still there, but does not have entries/postings, etc. for a few years).  May I ask what happened?

Was the program ineffective, disliked by members, replaced by something new/better, or just stopped it??  When I joined, it seemed like an extensive program and I was wondering if it is/was effective.  I found much of the content on my US computer, but since it seems to no longer be used, I am wondering weather it can be used effectively or should I just delete everything.

I would appreciate any help you may be to clear up the confusion and answer my questions.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Pam Erbe

Hi there,

The material from the Super Mind Academy is valid and continues to provide
people with great value. New content for the membership was halted a couple years ago
and now it has been transformed into a 12 month program that is hosted by one of my affiliates
at the EvolutionEzine.

One of the reasons that it stopped was because the cost of maintaining the site, content creation
and maintaining the forums was to high for the price we were charging. The way the program
is offered and bundled at EvolutionEzine works more efficiently but there is not the level of
personal engagement as there was before.

The Goal Factory Express program and the Life Response frequencies are new and represent
the newest research and development. So while the older content is great, the newer content
has proven to be more effective.
Hope that helps,

Jeffrey Gignac
hiya pam,  i've been a member for a while,  there were changes as the site was moved to new servers or something like that.  there are new programs and new site which can be found here... 
how was china? smoggy?


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