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Passive listening vs. intending, affirming and visualizing

Let me be totally honest. I'm not in a great mood. That's fairly common and one of the key reasons I purchased the LRF program. Alas, I'm feeling tonight like I bought a much hyped weight loss supplement that was advertised as requiring only that you take the pills before or with each meal. Then, you open the package, and there's a diet and exercise plan, and a disclaimer saying that the results depend on you following said plan.

If I were able to visualize happiness and peace, I'd already be doing it. I know many techniques that rely on such active participation: affirmations, visualization, EFT, Z point, and I'm sure there are others. The problem is, I don't DO them. I had high hopes that if I could just passively listen to these programs, my mood would improve and I would be a happier, healthier person. 

Tonight, after watching the videos, I did the super breath exercise for a couple of minutes, and I did the intending, and visualized to the best of my limited ability. Then I listened to the Happiness Essentials 10 minute audio for the 3rd time today. (1st time with no prep, and bad earphones. 2nd time with no prep and excellent headphones. 3rd time with prep and excellent headphones) Frankly, I feel much grumpier than I did earlier, and I can trace it entirely to the expectation that I actively DO things to enhance the audio experience. How could I know if the results are due to the audio, or to the combination of breath exercise, intention and visualization throughout?

Can I expect any results if I just passively listen, at least for the first week or so, until perhaps I would be in a better frame of mind to do all the rest?


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Jeffrey - in an answer above you refer to a manual.  I'm using Deep Conscious Awakening and have several others that I haven't gotten to yet.  I don't recall seeing anything about a manual (that's why I'm here - looking for guidance).  Am I missing something?


hiya nancy, just to insert my 2 cents here...   imo, passively listening wont accomplish anything.  the entrainment tracks make your brain more malleable for accepting new hardwiring/programming.  the visualizations of happiness/joy are the new program you want to hardwire into your brain.  passive listening without the visualizations, and being in a bad mood while you do it just means you're going to program MORE misery into your brain. 
all i can say is be patient,  you've had a lifetime of programming misery into your brain,  you wont undo that lifetime of programming with just a week or 2 of reprogramming.  the visualizations of happieness are the new program you want to hardwire into your brain.  repetition is how new neural pathways are created.  practice and repetition.of course it will be hard the first time, but each attempt, even a failed attempt, is rewiring your brain a little bit.  its cumulative so keep doing it.   we live in an instant-gratification societal mindset,  but it takes time.


Sensei, I just went back to the marketing page, and though I did not read it all again, here's a sampling of what I remember:

"From the first time you listen, you’ll recognize that there is something very special about these audios that truly sets them apart from any other brainwave entrainment products.

Each one of these audios has been crafted with the utmost love and care. From the smallest note to the complex and beautiful compositions, every single frequency in these audios has a purpose. BUT, that’s only the beginning of why this collection can be such a powerful transnational [sic] force in your life."

All I remember is the marketing language talking about the power of the audio, NOT any attitude I had to bring to listening to the audio in order to actually get these amazing results. You don't find that misleading?

Don't get me wrong, I do find listening to the audio appealing, and they are stunning in their complexity. It's obvious that they are crafted with the utmost care and love. Truly amazing. That's not the part I am questioning. I just want to use them as a meditation tool. I don't want my success to depend on ME being able to visualize well enough, since I've never been successful at any program that asked me to do that. It doesn't have to happen quickly. I'll hang in there for a while giving them a chance to work their magic. 

I don't think I have any other choice than to use them for meditation, as I'd expected to be able to do. If/when I feel inspired to visualize happiness or peace or prosperity before and while listening, I'll do so to the best of my ability. Until then, I'll hope that the simple act of making time to actually meditate will benefit me.

HI Nancy,

 This is Jeffrey Gignac.

You can use the audios any way you like. (as long as you are not driving or chopping vegetables..etc) They will provide benefit even if you are not giving them your full attention. (Sensei is only giving is 2 cents) . It works much better with the prep and with eyes closed..this is true but sometimes there can be subconscious resistance to the technology in the beginning. This would explain some of what you had experienced.

Everybody responds slightly differently in the beginning  and that's why I like to have the ability to talk about it. :)

Easy into a habitual use, try a couple other audios do what you can to enjoy the experience. AND be kind to yourself and do not subject yourself to judgement. 

If your subconscious mind is threatened with abrupt change, you could get a little push back (the subconscious does not like abrupt change --- it does this because it thinks it is protecting you) 

So in the beginning, use it in the way it works for you. Then gradually slip into one of the methods I have outlined in the manual... that's my suggestion.

If that means you use them while meditating, answering e-mails ...that's fine. It's the consistency that pays off in the end. 

Many blessing,

Jeffrey Gignac,

P.S. Keep us updated, check goal factory too :) These two programs work real good together.


Thanks Jeffrey. I appreciate your response and I kind of thought this would be the case. Thank goodness, today is "Peace and Harmony" day of the nk modified 7 day challenge! :-) I have some experience with other audio programs, and I am aware of how stuff can come up to be released. It doesn't feel good in the process though.

On the first night, after listening to the Happiness Essentials audio 3 times that day, I had a very vivid dream in which I tearfully asked forgiveness of someone whom I haven't seen in decades, for something I've felt ashamed about for that long. The dream then morphed into me standing up to someone criticizing me  for an unhealthy habit, and explaining that I had a plan to change it and would do so in my way and time. That suggests that I could be in for an interesting ride. I will keep you posted through the forum. I plan to use all the programs I got in the package deal, so looking forward to the Goal Factory. I know it will mean some work, but I'll get there.


Hi Nancy,

Please do keep in touch and keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Gignac


Jeffrey - in an answer above you refer to a manual.  I'm using Deep Conscious Awakening and have several others that I haven't gotten to yet.  I don't recall seeing anything about a manual (that's why I'm here - looking for guidance).  Am I missing something?


Hi Ken, The instructions for the DCA program were on the download page. However for the Life Response Frequencies collection there is an extensive manual. That is what I was referring to. Is there a question I can answer for you?


Thanks Jeff.  I was wondering how much would it degrade the effectiveness of the DCA if I multi-task (read, etc.) while listening?

HI Ken, It's a 50% loss on average. Having said that, it's better you use it that way then not at all.

Let me know if there is anything esle I canhelp you with


Hi Jeff,

Page 34 Module 3 the last paragraph "Most people usually favor one side of the brain over the other". 

I thought that a person uses  either left or right brain automatically. I did not know that we have a choice 

of using either.  Can I have a little more explanation. 

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