Our Biggest Online Event Ever!

Today concludes our biggest sale event ever! I want to thank everyone that

participated and made this so amazing.

I know that there has been some issues with downloads with a small percentage of people

and we are working to implement even better solutions moving forward. We've learned a lot

and we continue to make improvements so we can serve you better.

We were blown away with the response we had with this ONE TIME ONLY offer before

The Life Response Frequencies program graduates to the next level. As we continue to

add to the Life Response Frequencies program (hypnosis sessions - more training videos etc)

The price will keep going up until it meets its true value ($500+)

With thousands of positive reviews and testimonials The Life Response Frequencies and 

The Goal Factory Formula are setting new standards for helping people break free from 

from ruts to create more Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Health.

We are just so happy that we wee able to get this amazing technology into so many people's

hands during this offer.

What's Next?

We've got lots of big plans for the rest of this year! 

We will be opening our affiliate program soon so you can help us get the word out and make some 

extra money at the same time. If you would like to get on the list, let us know?

We are now Joining forces with many Super Experts in the world of personal development and life 

enhancement. With these new experts, we are planning to create the WORLDS BEST solutions

for achieving greatness at any age. This is super exciting.

These are just a few things that will be coming your way this year at http://jeffreygignac.com

InJOY and many blessings to you,

Jeff Gignac

When the Life Response Frequencies have more material added to them, as you mentioned, do the people who took part in big sale event get these upgrades automatically, or will there be a further charge? In other words, will we be grandfathered into the new LRF material or will we have to re-enroll at a higher price?


Eitel Sharon

We have not decide yet. I imagine that some will be grandfathered in and other will be extra,

Jeffrey Gignac

I cannot find the Life Response Frequencies

I would have loved to take advantage of the original lifetime offer and while the investment is not huge unfortunately my husband, the main bread winner has not been working for 15 months so $$$ are tight. I already have the year membership so if I now purchase another year at $95 Usd I am not gaining anything really. Also what will happen to those of us with current memberships on the old site, with 6 months left on my membership I hope we won't be abandoned. Thanks, your support team are always quick to answer. Cheers Cari

You will never be abandoned and things will keep going. eventually every members will be ported to the new website.with their current memberships and products in tact. In the coming, weeks I will be sending out notifications as we begin to move small groups of people over bit by bit.

Thank you for reaching out and I hope you have  a great day,


Thank you for your reply and for everything.

My pleasure :)

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