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problem with the 40-minutes super charger

I was on day 6 of the 7-day challenge yesterday and played the 40-minute supercharger. The workbook says that it contains frequencies in 10 minute segments of the first four LRFs. However, the recording I downloaded had the happiness, prosperity, peace and harmony, and energy and enlightenment. It did not have the health and vitality. So in effect it jumped from the peace and harmony to energy and enlightenment, when instead it's supposed to go from peace and harmony to health and vitality. I'm not sure why the health and vitality part was left off, and am thinking it may be a recording error.


From the manual I get the impression that the 40-minute super charger is supposed to have happiness, prosperity, peace and health, and that the 50 minute version will then include energy and enlightenment either with or without gamma. So why is energy and enlightenment on the 40-minute super charger and not health and vitality?


Is it possible to get a correct version of the 40-minutes super charger download?


Eitel Sharon

The audio is exactly has it should be. Even though you are hearing Energy Enlightenment, the entrainment cycle does not include Gamma. Jeff put it together this way for a reason in regards to your first 7 day challenge.

THank you,

The Support Team

Ok, then the problem is with the way the manual conveys information. The manual indicated that the 40-minute supercharger has 10 minutes of each of the first FOUR programs, leading the reader to expect to hear the 40-minute recording end with the health and vitality sequence. But instead it gives us the energy and enlightenment sequence. I was disappointed not to hear the health sequence in the 40-minute version, as I was expecting it because of what the manual says and because I really like the music on it. So perhaps you need to clarify that the 40-minute supercharger has the first three frequencies and then the fifth one, and that it leaves out the fourth. .


What is the reason for leaving the health and vitality sequence off of the 40-minute version?


Eitel Sharon

The reason is that we did not want the Super Charger to end with Sub Delta Frequencies. So it was done this way so it would end with High Beta

Thank you

The Support Team

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