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LRF Gradual Program Question

I've just completed the 7 day challenge, and was reading through the user guide to determine how best to use the program going forward. It seems that the gradual method would be beneficial to me, though the thought of sticking with just TWO of the audios for a full month is a challenge to my normal way of starting out with things. Problem is, I rarely stick with programs long enough to realize the full benefit, so I think it would be worth a try. My question relates to the sequencing though. 

My primary areas of focus right now are on happiness and health. I could certainly use some work with prosperity, but it is nowhere near the priority of the other two. If I were to choose my own personal sequence for months it would be:

Month 1: Happiness Essentials and Health and Vitality (or Longevity)

Month 2: Peace and Harmony, Health and Vitality (or Longevity)

Month 3: Energy and Enlightenment, Peace and Harmony

Month 4: Prosperity and Abundance; Energy and Enlightenment

Month 5: Move on to GURU method if ready. If not, repeat gradual method.

I realize there is a reason for saving energy and enlightenment until last, so I would be open to moving Prosperity and Abundance into month 3 instead, but I wonder if there is a frequency reason for the recommended program sequence.


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