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Anyone Else Hearing Tone Echoes After Entrainment?

 greetings community.  

i am noticing, after listening to entrainment tracks, that i hear a residual echo of tones after the track is done.  it only lasts for maybe a minute.  i was just wondering if anyone has had the same experience. 

its not loud or annoying or anything, but notable.  its actually a handy tool.  sometimes i listen to entrainment tracks on youtube, and often times they are just crap.  i use the echo as a litmus test.  if i hear the echo, i know its an actual entrainment track that is actually working.  if i dont hear it, then i accept that as evidence that the particular track is crap. 

anyone else notice this?

p.s. i always hear the echo after using Jeffs tracks,  so i accept that as evidence that his tracks are actually entraining my brain.

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