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Your frequencies are amazing.

Hi Jeff,

I thought I would post here rather than send you an email. 

I went ahead and bought the frequencies. 

My god, what fantastic work. I have been using your bwe tracks via the EvoEzine site, and bought their whole package 2 years ago, and yours were the tracks that resonated with me the best. I found Alpha Mind Control to be fantastic.

I have bought Brain Evolution, and a few of the other brainwave entrainment tracks on the market, but I have to tell you that not only did your previous tracks via EvoEzine beat these, but your latest work is a masterpiece. 

Since I am familiar with your work, I wanted to try something my way. I sleep very little, and even then my sleep is fractured by waking up 2-3 times a night, with the result that I feel quite crappy in the mornings and could say I am not a morning person. However, I tried your EnergyEnlightenment for 20 mins, just 20 mins, and have been awake since 11am on 

Wednesday/ I am writing this at 3.48am on the Thursday and could still go on and do more work. I have had the most productive day I could ever imagine, achieved a lot and I have to say that I thought Effortless Efficiency was brilliant and helped a lot, but this, is a true masterpiece. I also believe that I can retrain myself to become a morning person as I will achieve so much more and get to see lovely daylight in the process.

Also, your prosperity and abundance is quite something. I have been using it for 2 days, 40 mins and 10 mins, and on both occasions with headphones but whilst doing other work, and they are working. I have been brainstorming all sorts of ideas to increase money, and to give my website more traffic and the ideas has been flowing and they are workable ideas, which is the best part.

I have to say this is your best work yet, and I have not even used Happiness and or Peace yet. I have only been using your tracks for the last 2 days and am already achieving phenomenal results. 

You are also one of the kindest people I know along with the most considerate as whenever I have asked a question, you have responded promptly, whereas the other companies' customer service sucks! You never get a reply and I have had to send a few emails to get a reply a week later, which is pretty bad. 

So, I am totally grateful to Ian, Cyndi and the Team at EvoEzine for introducing me to your work.  You are the best as far as I am concerned, I know what I am talking about having used bwe tracks for a long time and tested out almost all the others. Yours work in a different way to theirs as most of the others out there require up to 60-90 days to start seeing some results, whereas yours works almost overnight as in my case. I cannot believe what I achieved with the 20 minute track. Only used the breathing exercise which is one I have been using over the last six months anyway to ground myself when working so it was perfect. I have not done anything about the Night Visualisations as I have to admit I do not like visualisations and tend to go for tracks that bypass that, hence the ones sold by EvoE. 

Again, thanks so much and am going to keep you updated, in the hope that it helps those who don't have time to follow all the rules, as if this works with me (and I am a scatter-brain and get distracted very easily - no, I do not have ADD or anything similar :-) ), then it should help others hopefully. 

With lots of gratitude and affection,


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Hi Shena,

Thank you so MUCH for this amazing feedback. It means the world to me because investing time, money and research in to this work can be very challengin at times. I will continue to do my best to provide the best products and support that I can because I truly believe that this work can make an impact on the worl one person at a time.


Jeffrey Gignac

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