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Meditators Wanted for group online meditations for peace

 Meditators wanted  for online group meditations for peace. Millions of people around the world meditate daily. Would you like to join them?  We are organizing the many individual meditators around the world into groups for syncronized sessions. Meditation affects the practitioner in many positive ways, but that meditation also ripples outward into the world. A group of people meditating at the same time turns those ripples in tsunamis. We set up weekly and daily schedules for groups of regular meditators to come together online to engage in their meditations with others around the world. Meditate for peace, for love, for your health, for the planets health, just please meditate with us.  Your meditation for peace can bring inner peace to you,  but that also flows outward,  your peace is being added to the global collective consciousness.  Syncing your flow of peace with other, likeminded, practitioners amplifies that outward flow. Help us increase that flow by joining our Meditations For Peace

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next session Saturday nov 2nd. all day.  fukushima crews will be attempting to remove some fuel rods.  meditating for success.


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