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Breakthrough on negative chatter :-)

Had a breakthrough working on decreasing my negative chatter thought I would share:

My regular routine:


Guided Meditation from Guided Mind

Elite Video (Intention = "I make the intention of starting before I am ready. One thing at a time. For the highest good of all."  I'm using this intention to stop my daily procrastination, where I don't do things because I feel I'm not quite ready yet to start working on whatever my next project is, and I think, I'll just start after I eat lunch, or watch a bit of tv first, etc. )

Super Mind Audio

PM: 10 Minute Turn Around - Level 4 (usually same intention as above, I just added: "I make the intention of dancing on the edge of my comfort zone" as a similar intention, and I love dancing so thought that would put a nice positive spin on it)

And recently I've started playing my Lumosity games while listening to the super mind audio, haven't paid strict attention, but it does seem like my scores are better than before).  

A couple of days ago, when I went through my regular routine and was doing the Lumosity games, I realized I didn't have that negative feeling every time I got something wrong!  

And really interesting is, I think because I've always done a certain amount of beating myself up whenever I get an answer wrong (life in general as well as lumosity) that I didn't realize how much stress this was causing.  Because after I realized I didn't feel that familiar and negative, "doh!" when I got a wrong answer, I really became aware of how great it felt to not feel the "doh!"

I also realized I had this sort of "high on life" feeling too.

So then I went back and looked at what I'd done that day to see if I could re-create it.  And FYI, that particular day I hadn't done anything in the morning as it was Saturday, and I had somewhere to be fairly early in the morning so didn't have time.  Ended up doing my morning routine in the early evening.  I also think what I was doing that day had a positive mental and possibly physical impact.  I went to a chocolate salon (confession: I LOVE chocolate, and I go to the chocolate salon every year, so it made me super happy to go and sample all that wonderful artisan chocolate, in the company of good friends, just a really happy time)

So I'm thinking having a really wonderful time at the chocolate salon = starting out with a really happy feeling.

Then going into the guided meditation and the elite video at least, made me open up to new, positive possibilities.  And then the super mind audio (it was "memory boost") helped balance everything out.

I have tried to recreate that feeling with the exact guided meditation, elite video and super mind audio I used, and I haven't gotten a complete absence of the "doh!" feeling, but I notice that it is definitely less.

Now I'm not advocating going to the chocolate salon everyday, but maybe just doing something that makes me extremely happy, then going into my meditation routine, and of course being consistent about it, really gave me that great feeling that came with the absence of, "doh!"

Just wanted to share, please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for getting to that really positive feeling to start out with (without ingesting a fairly unhealthy amount of chocolate first:-)  I'm thinking the interrupt, balance and rewire process Jeff just outlined in the webinar is probably a good place to start…

Warm Fuzzies to All,


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