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Individual experience

The shared experience posts provide me with a lot of information to learn from.  Thanks.

As I work with the programme, and read the posts, I am finding, for myself, the affects of the influence of the music meet my individual needs based on my own specific inherant personality bringing me to more and more to my authentic self.  I come into my own knowing, sometimes without effort, sometimes some inner blocks surface but accompanied with understanding.  Sometimes I have to work through stuff which is made easy because answers come.  I am working on one right now where an immediate answer or outcome is not happening immediately.  In this delay I recognize to reach the outcome, I have to work the process that opens up for me, meaning flow with the flow, be accepting, patient.  This accepting and patience was very difficult for me but working this programme has given me a sense of becoming excited about what I am learning in the process stage. Whichever way it goes the results are positive.   For me I realize the state of happiness I am looking for will take a while, but in the meanwhile the journey is made easy because I find I grow more self assured each day.  I suppose that is a big step in happiness.  I have only worked the programme three days now.  If this is how far I have come in three days, it certainly has cut out on the months and years of how much I struggled to get to some level of contented self assurance before some other big block would surface causing me a journey that seemed to be relentless in the exhaustion I would experience just trying to make it trhough. 

My mind has opened up to a few meningful creative innovative insights which makes me REALLY VERY HAPPY, because my work is based on creating innovative programmes for a wide varity of topics...and today it has only been three days.

I am getting the impression my progress is excellerating quite fast, perhaps getting to a point where it may race too much ahead for me to realistically cope with keeping up with.  It is quite possible that I may need to take a break to give me time to process the new levels of evolvement I arrive at depending on how fast my progress goes. 

Since I could not focus on any one specific goal, and the thought of more money seemed to be my prevaling thought, I simply chose to begin with arriving at being happy...I am relying on being inspired to the right goals as I go along instead of trying to force goal setting out of what I 'think' I want.  I know I have connected with a sense of intunement to my path, so trusting the process is what I choose to work with for now to keep it simple and easily managable.


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