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Goal factory -- having trouble coming up with a spiritual goal that is tangable

I'm having trouble coming up with a goal. When I put them through the filters it seems like they are already achieved or are hard to know when they have been achieved. Let me give you examples of possible goals I could have:

Naturally asking God for direction and definitively knowing the answer for me.

But I don;t know how to answer these questions:  How would my life change? What will happen when I achieve this goal? How do I know?  Its like when I try coming up with the evidence convincers I have a hard time coming up with more than what I could already say I have now. Another goal I could have would be: Easily helping others resolve there emotional/energetic blocks. That I might be able to come up with answers, but the goal seems less about my spiritual growth.Any thoughts? Can you give a few other sample goals in this area?

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In Goal Factory (Health), I am struggling with wording. I would like to regain my perfect health and most of all to have my (not so good) kidneys healed. I also would like to have my perfect health through meditation, Lastly on the other hand  I want to use meditation for my spirituality task.

Please help guys.


I can't find the videos in Goal Factory. My understanding is that since I am doing the Chakra Work (Divine Manifestation) I am automatically allowed to access Goal Factory. Correct me if I am wrong.


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