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Emotionally wounded.

Hi guys

I' m emotionally wounded, In my Goal Factory task I'm not sure which of these goals  should I use,

"emotions", "spritual","or "relationship".

I have a problem  with my relatives, they hurt me previously many years ago. Some of the people who should have solved the problem have passed-on, they were just reluctant to help.

The problem now is that I dont want their apologies, I just want to make peace with myself and forget about them.

Please help.


Hi Faith,

I am very proud of you for trying to let this is really hard I know.  I had a sort of epiphany myself last night. About three months ago I was randomly and badly beaten by three strangers (men). It was completely unprovoked, whilst I was walking my dogs and they knocked out two of my teeth and broke three ribs They were arrested and are due to face trial in February. I have been frightened and this incident has changed a lot of things for me, and so I was angry and hell bent on revenge. Suddenly this morning I woke up and did not want revenge anymore. Obviously the case is out of my hands and in the hands of the state, however I am no longer angry and will not lend my energy to this. For me this is a huge breakthrough as I have always tended on wanting revenge for any slight (imagined or not). WELL DONE US.

regards Mandy

Hi Faith,

First of all... let yourself off the hook and give yourself a break...:) It's not easy doing what you are doing. 

Conduct yourself with grace and dignity even when faced with the complete opposite. Things have a way of working out better this way.


Hi guys,

I am not sure what is happening with me, I am angry with myself  because I dont feel strong enough  to tell them (my ralatives who made me angry) that I had planned  to tell them that I would be going away from them and they should not bother coming to my funeral if I die. This tells me that the anger stuck with me for a very long time and I enjoyed thinking about how I was going to tell them. In a way I am happy to realise  that I was going to be embarred if I had done so.

When I was reading the "Training Manual Month 2, Module 2 The Secret Skill" again I realise that I missed using the powerful tool for persuation and for manifesting success.which is the "shifting of emotional state". The reading twice of the Training Manual has helped me in realising my mistake. I am fealing much better, that anger has subsided. The writing and talking about this has also helped me, I no longer feel that pain and anger.   

I would focus on forgiveness and nohing else.

The problem I have with this 'relationship goal' is that I dont want to have anything to do with them but forgiving them and move on.

Please Jeff help I'm not sure if I'm making my life hard.

Thank you Jeff, This started when I was busy doing my daily tasks' and I was also listening the BWE

 tracks.I'm not sure what triggered it. I'm happy this happened I believe I'm healing though I've lost a 

 friend who said he is noticing a change and, I suppose, it affected  him negativly. 



Hi Faith,

I think this fits good in with emotional or spiritual. Use your relationship category to improve the relationships you have or bring into your life.

Feeling at peace with all my past relationships

How is that?

Loving myself unconditionally 

Living peacefully more and more everyday

Enjoying feelings of peace and harmony

Naturally forgiving the past

Just some suggestions,


Jeffrey Gignac

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