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Recommendations for learning a new language


I am currently subscribed to your Brain Fitness for Busy People; and I've previously purchased your Inner Genius Platinum; Chakra Healing; Energy; 10 Minute Turn-Around full version and Enlightenment Brain Training System. And I currently have access to Smarter in 7 minutes; Goal Factory Formula and Mind Power Inner Circle. 

I've been learning a second language (Spanish) for approx 7 months and I wanted to know if you had specific recommendations for which of the aforementioned programs I should listen to and/or watch to enhance my ability to learn/assimilate the new language at an optimal level?  Or if you had a recommendation not listed above that I should obtain to improve my acquisition and retention of a new language?  Thank you for your time and reply in advance.

Matthew Kizzie

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HI Mathew,

Thank you for your questions.

I would use Inner Genius and or one of the Brain Fitness For Busy People Videos just prior to your sessions. I would also use either one of those after your sessions as you think about what you had learned. Just one 7 to 10 minute session before and after should help.

Hope that helps,

Jeffrey Gignac

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