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When I was 9 years old I experienced trauma and from that age my hearing and sight deteriorated My hearing is now 50% and I wear -8 prescription glasses. I am quite confident this could be corrected with this technology. I have had therapy and trainings, healings and I did all the work and I have recovered from the PTSD. How and which product can I use to heal my sight and ability to hear? Because I am an artist and I would love to make music again. Could a program be tailor made for me?
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Hi Lakasima,

This technology may be able to help but I want to point out that we have not tested the ability of this technology to heal vision and hearing. Only one person reported that the technology has helped with vision. Many people have said that it has helped them with hearing over time. We have had lots of success with PTSD in general.

If you want to give want to give it a try, I suggest signing up for the 14 day free trial where you get the latest and best of Jeff's research and technology every single month.

Here is the link if you are interested.

Hope that helps,

The support Team

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