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Passive Brain Fitness/ Smarter in 7min

Hi, I have a question about the use of the Passive Brain Fitness or the Smarter in 7 Min and all these Audio - Video applications: Would I have any better result by using them in a dark room (like when we watch a movie in the cinema) or it can be harmful for the eyes as they may be too much exposed in the video's light? What is the best lighting environment or circumstances to watch the applications? Thanks, Hara

Hi Hara,

For advanced use, a dark room can give you better stimulation. When you are first getting use to this technology, using it in well lit or medium lit room is more then enough. As you become more familiar with the technology you can get a little bit extra from it in a dark room.

Hope that helps,

The Support Team

Excellent! Thank you very much! Hara

You are welcome :)

I love to use in a dark room and I turn the brightness all the way up on my devices. FUN!!
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