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Canadian $ currency option

Can you provide a Canadian $ currency payment option?

Did you forget to schedule a call with me today between 1 - 2 EST? 

Yes. Alternatively, I've made a schedule change and am also available today from 12 - 1pm Pacific.

My assistant just scheduled me in a another meeting at that time. Doe s that same time work for tomorrow?

You can try me between 1 and 2pm EST,

Hi Larry,

Perfect timing :) We are building a corporate portal. I'd be happy to talk to you about this. Do have some time tomorrow before 4pm Eastern?

I am considering the elite video and audio package and possibly becoming a monthly member. I just purchased the Deep Conscious Awakening package and the Inner Genius Platinum Series. It's costing me a 27% premium as a Canadian!  I would also like to talk to you about possibly becoming an affiliate and offering corporate packages. 778.908.2909

Possibly. What are looking at specifically?

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