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Singing Bowls MP3s

Hi Jeff, I am a big fan of your "Singing Bowls" MP3s and recommended many times to my students and patients.

In the beginning when you released them, there were TWO parts.

What happened to the second one? They are not able to order both again.

I appreciate them a lot! I leave them daily on repeat the whole time when I am not at home in order to cleanse and refresh the room. I work with them for hours and enjoy the peace, concentration and effectivity of my work while listening to them in the background.

In my practice I welcome my patients and my seminar participants with it. And I also enjoy their effect while doing energy shifting/healing work! It deepens everything in a very smooth way. Afterward I feel "sorted out". So: Can we order both of them again? Thank you, Bianca from Germany

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Why did this one not get a reply?

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