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How to address the conscious and subconscious mind? (what person to use)

I had an SMA membership few years ago. As a bonus I received an MP3 track named "Healing Affirmations" that used John Assaraf affirmations and Jeffrey Gignac BWE frequencies.

I have noticed that in one year the 1st person affirmations were used, while in the other year the 2nd person affirmations were played, but with some delay.

Please specify which is which (what year to use for 1st person affirmations and which one for the 2nd person).

I would like to build for myself a track for a very specific goal, using my own affirmations but mixed with a BWE background from the products that I have bought.

Thank you for your time.



Do you still have the "Healing Affirmations" track?

I have lost it few years back when I had a computer crash.

Sorry for the misspelling "year" instead of "ear".



It is a bit overwhelming with so much going on, feel like a kid on a candy store. What's the best way a new member uses these wonderful tools...with ought getting distracted every day from one to another?

Speaking of healing, I use a hypnosis healing app at night to help heal my body of the many aches and pains associated with working at a car manufacturing plant. Can I still continue using the healing app or do I need to discontinue it since using Passive Brain Fitness?

You can absolutely continue using the app. They will be complimentary.

Got it. They both work. It has been debated for a long time about what works best and I believe it all comes down to the individual.

Do you know how to muscle test? I would test for which one is most effective for you than use accordingly.

Hope that helps,

Jeffrey Gignac

I just checked and it is no longer on our server. I will look through

some old backups to see If I can find it.

We had a major crash a couple years ago and we lost so much but perhaps we still have it somewhere.


Please do not forget to answer to my main question: how to address the conscious/subconscious mind, meaning what person to use?

Thanks again.


Sorry about that. Could you ask the question differently? I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you


For example in one ear is used the 1st person: 

"MY subconscious mind knows how to heal ME. It built MY bones, organs, muscles and tissues".

For the other ear the second person was used:

"YOUR subconscious mind knows how to heal YOU. It built YOUR bones, organs, muscles and tissues".

My question is what person (1st or 2nd) is to address to the subconscious mind?

I hope my example was clear enough.



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