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Unable to create a ticket to get a resolution

 I cant create a support ticket. As far as I know I dont have an account here, so I logged in with Twitter

Tried to send a support ticket because the Jeff Gignac new account page isnt working either

Now cant send a ticket as it wants my name and or email which I have put in multiple times and it wont let me post it, What the hell is going on here?

3 people have this problem

Do I have a life time membership ? Cannot get into and 7 min.brainfitness vidieos. Love your product. Georjean Hertzwig

When I looked up your email address it shows that you do not have a lifetime membership. It loo like you did sign up for a year access at one point but I think that may have expired.

I am going to send you your username and password to your email address as well as a couple other links

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