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Left out a letter on your video

Please add a "T" to Manifestation. In the new videos it is missing the t.

There is something wrong with your notification system. I signed up to be notified when new videos are available, but have never been notified of any new videos or anything else lately.

You might consider adding me to your Beta test list. Since I am one of the permanent members, you would not be losing any money and with my teaching experience, I would notice obvious errors, such as those above.

Joel Stevens

The notification system is being fixed. Thanks for the heads up. I'll pass your request to Jeff.

Have a great day

Also there seems to be several downloads that are not working or in the wrong place, ie, I click to download a mobile verser and get the HD version again instead. This is for the new Chakra Manifestation downloads. They are of course very good, but do check each download agan and make sure that they work or you will surely get many complaints.Thank you and sorry, I did not make a list.


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