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30 day challenge

I know most people probably did this a few months back but some might have joined more recently and decided to take it on. My question: The protocol is very simple: choose one affirmation from the 201'each day form'30 days and do a modified EFF sandwich Protocol using Prime and Anchor. I am probably half way through and I keep hearing you stress variety when it comes to the videos. Why not with this challenge? I like Prime and Anchor but I know every second of them, what's coming next, what turns the focus pieces are about to make. Can I shake it up a little? Maybe going with Balance/Peaceful flow or the latest combo. To keep it to five minutes? Thank you for your time.
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Hi Evan,

You can mix it up as you see fit. I just wanted to keep it simple for those who do not have Master Accounts and access to the streaming library.

Thanks for reaching out,

Jeffrey Gignac

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