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Hi Jeff, A while back you talked about VT with a level of excitement that was infectious. I thought April would never come. (Your predicted month of introduction.). I am not disappointed because I know you do everything for a reason and I am not asking you why you didn't introduce it in April because I know enough to know there is so much that I don't know about PBF and I trust your genius and that you will release it when ready. That being said, I did wonder if you had addressed this subject somewhere and I have just missed it. If so, would you mind giving me a clue on where to find out more. Otherwise, I am content to wait patiently. Thank you for everything, Evan

Thanks Evan,

I have addressed it a couple times in some of my presentations.

The VR will be out this year and I am working really hard to get them ready. We ran into a syncing problem with all the current encoders. It is very similar to the same problem I had originally when I created Passive Brain Fitness. I worked on the syncing issues between audio and video for almost 2 years before we solved the problem. It won't take 2 years this time because I understand the nature of the problem and the mechanics involved.

It's a math problem at the core. It is one of those things that I could solve it this week or 4 weeks from now. I have some people coming to my office this week to help me. I hope it goes well.

Thanks for understanding,

Jeffrey Gignac

I am very excited. PBF has completely transformed my life. I am so grateful. You are an amazing person, and I am so glad to have gotten to 'know' you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Evan

Thank you so much for the support. I am excited too. :)

Jeffrey, I have little familiarity with VR.  Is there something in particular that is necessary with a VR headset purchase for use with Progressive Brain Fitness?  I know that you suggested the Google Cardboard device.  My guess is that it is pretty simple in terms of devices.  Just wanted to check with you before seeing if I can attempt getting a device sent to me.  Thank you.


Just clarify, we have delay on the VR releases. In m tests, they created some less then pleasent effects so we have to do a little more work on them before we release them.

I am a big fan of the Google Day dream however there are only a couple phones that can power it. Google Pixel and Motot Z. Both very expensive phones. The Samsung one is ver y good as well and I believe it is more flexible with the devices that will run it.

VR is going to grow and change so much in the next couple years, I would just buy a $30 Google Cardboard. I have used them and test them and work perfectly for what we are doing.

The other reason I would opt for a less expensive version right now is because the expensive one will evolve and change so much in the ext little bit that you just end up wanting to get a new version anyway.

I think it is a waste of money to spend too much right now based on what I see coming down the road.

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