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Very important question

Hi Jeff, Loving the two new TMTA 4, and you certainly did the right thing by waiting to release the VR. I am sorry to hear it caused some negative effects for you, but I know you have resources to handle emotional upheaval.....perhaps better than anyone in the world. Here is my question. You have mentioned in interviews that you have discovered that when you are teaching people how to access emotional states at will, that people who are unable to learn this easily and who have trouble with manifestation often show an imbalance that is associated with lack of balance in beta, and when you correct for this they find everything comes into alignment, incluiding things like anxiety and ADD. What are the frequencies you use, and do you use say SMR for the left ear or eye and 20 hz for the right (left hemisphere.). Or do you use a uniform frequency of maybe 18 hz. Also, to emulate this training is LRF Happiness the best choice, or Comscious Awakening or maybe the Genius series or Smarter in 7. Because as far as I know you have not explicitly listed the frequencies involved in these. Maybe you did when they first came out. I would love to know what Beta frequencies you use to help people access emotions at will. Thank you so much, Evan

Hi Jeff, I know you have been very busy, the new content is awesome. Above I asked about the frequency range within Beta that you use to entrain people to be able to access their emotions at will. But I didn't see an answer. Anyway, two other very short questions: If we are embarking on the 30 day Belief Change challenge, do we do the trigger eraser and prosperity first? That's six videos in a row. Which .I have no problem doing. Lastly, .i tried to take 'Anxiety Eraser' the course, but it will only show me day one. I have tried everything, but only the first lesson is available to me. Thanks, hope you are well, Best, Evan

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the positive feedback and yes, we have been hard at work on many new things.

Anxiety eraser in on hold right now. I am so sorry about that. We updating many things.

You do not have to do Trigger eraser and Prosperity Accelerator before Belief  Changer in the same day. Actually, this would be too much for most people. The only thing that I ask is that people have worked with both of these releases in the past before diving into Belief Changer.

This is why these release were released in the order that that were released. So as long as you have done some work with Trigger Eraser and you have done some work with Prosperity Accelerator in the past, now you can use Belief Changer by itself with the provided instructions.

Now on to you previous questions:

I use SMR and 20Hz at times.  Most of the time when balancing BETA I am using sweeps that run the full spectrum. I will often time stimulate the left / right hemispheres in a way that creates competition then in a way that creates synchonization in the beta range. This is a powerful technique that helps to correct imblances while strengthening the communication between hemispheres in the BETA range.

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