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Very important question

Hi Jeff, Loving the two new TMTA 4, and you certainly did the right thing by waiting to release the VR. I am sorry to hear it caused some negative effects for you, but I know you have resources to handle emotional upheaval.....perhaps better than anyone in the world. Here is my question. You have mentioned in interviews that you have discovered that when you are teaching people how to access emotional states at will, that people who are unable to learn this easily and who have trouble with manifestation often show an imbalance that is associated with lack of balance in beta, and when you correct for this they find everything comes into alignment, incluiding things like anxiety and ADD. What are the frequencies you use, and do you use say SMR for the left ear or eye and 20 hz for the right (left hemisphere.). Or do you use a uniform frequency of maybe 18 hz. Also, to emulate this training is LRF Happiness the best choice, or Comscious Awakening or maybe the Genius series or Smarter in 7. Because as far as I know you have not explicitly listed the frequencies involved in these. Maybe you did when they first came out. I would love to know what Beta frequencies you use to help people access emotions at will. Thank you so much, Evan

Hi Jeff, I know you have been very busy, the new content is awesome. Above I asked about the frequency range within Beta that you use to entrain people to be able to access their emotions at will. But I didn't see an answer. Anyway, two other very short questions: If we are embarking on the 30 day Belief Change challenge, do we do the trigger eraser and prosperity first? That's six videos in a row. Which .I have no problem doing. Lastly, .i tried to take 'Anxiety Eraser' the course, but it will only show me day one. I have tried everything, but only the first lesson is available to me. Thanks, hope you are well, Best, Evan

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the positive feedback and yes, we have been hard at work on many new things.

Anxiety eraser in on hold right now. I am so sorry about that. We updating many things.

You do not have to do Trigger eraser and Prosperity Accelerator before Belief  Changer in the same day. Actually, this would be too much for most people. The only thing that I ask is that people have worked with both of these releases in the past before diving into Belief Changer.

This is why these release were released in the order that that were released. So as long as you have done some work with Trigger Eraser and you have done some work with Prosperity Accelerator in the past, now you can use Belief Changer by itself with the provided instructions.

Now on to you previous questions:

I use SMR and 20Hz at times.  Most of the time when balancing BETA I am using sweeps that run the full spectrum. I will often time stimulate the left / right hemispheres in a way that creates competition then in a way that creates synchonization in the beta range. This is a powerful technique that helps to correct imblances while strengthening the communication between hemispheres in the BETA range.

Jeff, I am so amazed by you. I truly believe you could charge $3,000 for the lifetime membership and not lose a single customer. We would still be making out like bandits. Imagine if you sold everything separately? Holosync is binaural beats that start and he uses silent subliminal. Eldon Taylor is a very interesting guy and he is cutting edge, but they are not silent subliminals that he uses. They are audible and tat's perhaps why he has had some success. But Centerpointe and Bill have not updated their technology I don't believe since it came out. I believe the lifetime membership (lifetime meaning until you finish the recordings) but it was over 3k 12 years ago and then he started adding courses, so I imagine all told it is 5 K now for some white noise with fake Tibetan bowls played sporadically throughout an hour of 13 hz to 2.5 in a linear fashion. Many people made far better replicas for free with NeuroProgrammer, myself included. Sorry Bill. End of rant. I am two years younger than you, I had a very traumatic childhood and by my 20's saw that some reprogramming was in order. I am very familiar with people in the business and you are in a league of your own. I know you hear that kind of thing a lot but that is because it is true. I learned about you from Tim Phizackerly, someone I also hold in the highest regard, and someone whose judgment I trust. It is very rare that he features somebody who has nothing to do with Pstec, in fact, I think you are the only person who he thought so highly of, sought you to interview, and it was not to help Pstec sales. I feel that P.B.F. Turbo charges Pstec and vice versa. Your answers are so lucid and cogent, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer individual questions. I have been attending the telecasts and you have helped so many people, I just want you to know that joining PBF was a life altering decision and the changes get more dramatic and profound everyday for me. Thanks so very much, you are a role model and a truly amazing person.

Hi Evan,

So sorry for the delay on the reply. We took a short vacation.

Thank you for your encouragement and the positive feedback. Very heart warming. :)  I strive to my best every day and when someone like you takes the time to reach out in this way, it just makes it all worth while.

Thank you once again,

Jeffrey Gignac

jeff: i just completed the 30 day challenge with belief changer (tmtv 4) and i just want to say how beautiful the videos are.

i also have been using goal factory and really like how you break things down to the "make the goal so small at first it is almost impossible to fail. in goal factory you mention john assaraf. i have purchased several of his products, including "winning the game of money," and "winning the game of weight loss." the information in the courses is excellent but the brain reprogramming part, not so much, at least for me anyway. funny story. john recently posted on his facebook page that after 5 years of not having sugar he had 1 sugary treat while on vacation and next thing you know he went on a 2 week sugar binge. but then he got back on track. you would think after 5 years of reprogramming you wouldn't have to worry about backsliding. i guess reprogramming never ends for any of us.

finally, is the only way to get access to your other courses to purchase a permanent pbf membership?

thanks for your time and pbf.

jim michalak


Hi Jim, I am not Jeff, but I began the thread so I received your post in my e-mail. I just want to say congratulations on completing the 'Belief'. 30 day challenge. I will leave complex explanations to the man himself but I have a passion for Jeff........I am just kidding......I have a passion for what Jeff does and a background(I went to medical school and work in medicine) and that may qualify me to reassure you that John's story, while I am sure is true, was probably told as an amusing antidote but his binge was not because he undid five years of programming. His brain did not undo five years of work because it got a taste of something he had managed to stay off for some time. I didn't read it but maybe he should have explained that he was simply telling a story about some choices he made to alter his diet for a few weeks. It had nothing to do with not watching enough ' Mind Movies, he was not out of control or it would have continued and he would be 400 lbs and a full blown type2 diabetic by now. Or he wouldn't because he has excellent insulin sensitivity and his parents starved him during the first year of life and puberty when fat cells are most likely to proliferate. of course I just made that up someone somewhere could draw those conclusions and would be as they are just as legitimate as 'Reprogramming is an uphill battle that we all will eventually lose. Not your words but I can understand why you thought that was his message. There is so much wrong with not explaining himself better starting with him saying he has gone five years without sugar. 'Sugar' has taken all sorts of meanings in our society.......what does he mean by sugar? Table sugar? Then he would say 'sucrose'. All saccharides? Well, then he would say I have gone without carbohydrate for five years. Except he would be lying, and nobody would be impressed. Did he mean he has endeavored to follow the Atkin's diet for five years? That doesn't take any brain programming or Mind Movies, it just takes getting into ketosis, and some people find it somewhat uncomfortable as their bodies adjust but we are talking about maybe a week of his brain switching fuel sources and then it tends to prefer no 'sugar' or carbohydrate. Of course the only way to make sure trace amounts didn't get into system would be to not eat at all for five years. The problem is, the whole death thing would occur after a few months and he would not have been able to bring the world Mind Movies. Whatever he meant, the binge cannot be blamed on his tongue coming into contact with any type of 'sugar'. He is Avery smart and knows that he tasted sugar, not cocaine, not heroine, and then, he chose to binge for two weeks. There was no cause and effect that related to brain reprogramming, and if he just was embarrassed that a leader in the self development community can't do what people do everyday, which is simply to have the presence to be able to walk into a Dunkin' Donuts and leave with just the coffee they intended to purchase before those smells and wall of donuts drove them to order coffee and 108 munchkin's that they devoured before going back in for six dozen crullers. Yet people resist all sorts of urges thousands of times a day,. Because as pretty as that woman crossing the street is, if you get out of the car and have sex with while she screams and cries, you will never see a Dunkin' Donuts again. Yeah, the work you do of Jeff's especially around beliefs but anything you do is changing your brain in a very real way, and with Repetition like you just did, permanent. Can you ride a bike? What if you go a few weeks without practicing. Can John I guess is the question, and I am sure he can. But even he sees a beautiful woman and while staring at her runs into a tree, and falls off, as long as his bike is stillridable, I promise he does not need to practice for two because he failed. Even if he buys anew bike he has never ridden before, he needs no practice. I am sorry I got a little worked up, I think John is a wonderful guy and I know he a good friend of Jeff's I just was so struck by your story, and how sad it would be if an intelligent disciplined person such as yourself took on the belief that you thought John was explaining with his fascinating story. Jeff will probably nix this but I am too tired it so thanks for your time and know you have changed for the better and nobody can take away from you anything you do here on PBF. I am sure the same applies to Mind Movies.
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