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Life Response Frequencies

Hi - I just finished the quick start program- 3 rounds, but used only the audios (not the videos). Is it ok to proceed with the foundational program or do I need to use the videos in quick start mode first? 

 can i use the videos now  with foundational or on demand method?

Also, I used the first four audios (prosperity, peace,happiness, health) but not the one titled "enlightenment". When do I use this one? how does this fit into the overall program?

Finally, what's the difference with the hypnosis versions of these? when are these used?

thank you so much!

Hi Marureen,

You do not use the videos in the quick start method. The Videos are used with the On-demand method only. Audios are also used in the on-demand method. It is up to you what you choose for that method. The Life Response Frequencies Passive Brian Fitness videos are short, strong and ideal for the on-demand method.

It is ok to proceed :)

Energy and Enlightenment is not to be used until your level of satisfaction for the 4 primary wheels of life all very high. 8 out of 10, if you were going to rate them. Enlightenment is not a primary wheel of life. Enlightenment is a luxury to be explored after the others raise up.

The hypnosis versions include guided meditations with hypnotic language to further help with responding to life appropriately.  They can be used to support any method. So if you are on a day where you are using Happiness Essentials, you may want to also listen to Happiness Hypnosis version later that day as a support. They are not a substitute for the non-hypnosis versions.

Otherwise, there is no specific protocol for how to use them.

Hope that helps,

Jeffrey Gignac

Thank you Jeff -got it - makes sense. And thanks so much for your work - I really love these audios!

I can't wait to try out more of the programs. 

with appreciation,


My Pleasure. :)



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