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Sell my business in 2014

In 2014 i would like to selll my business for a proffit its been a classicAl business where i learned a lot but know i need to change carrier and would like to get my efforts paid And do what i like best How can i attract the perfect buyer since ive been struggling to find the right employee to start with . I developed a love - Hate relationship with my business for the Frustration it has created and can t get rid of them . All i hear around me is nobody will buy your business and let you do a profit They will be interested only if you accept to loose do i change that ? ...... What are my baby steps toward a big step? Thank you for the guidance since it s been a lot time i guggle with this kind of energy. Paola
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I hear ya.

Visualize, See it happen in your mind. See the cheque in your hand with the number you want on it, feel the sensations as you go to the bank and make the deposite. As you visualize this movie, feel all the feelings as if it has already occured.

Do this 3 times per day every day.

all my best,

Jeff Gignac

P.S what is you business and how much do you want for it? Maybe somehere might be interested

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