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Losing weight

Hi Jeff, I purchased life response and goal factory and there are some bonuses. My goal is to reach my ideal weight and I am wondering which tapes I should be listening to. I am confused with all the options and am hoping you can give me a plan to follow. I had done about 8 hypnosis sessions (face to face with a hypnotist) for weight loss in the past and it had no noticeable effect. I want to lose 25 lbs. and keep sabotaging myself. Please help as this has been a lifelong struggle . Thank you.

Thank you so much for your quick response Jeff.. I don't even want to wait until the new Year to get started on this!

I would highly recommend using a Modified Version of GF to help with your goal.

Yes, Jeff, I have access to Goal Factory too.


Hi Nancy,

Health and Vitality Essentials and Happiness Essentials would probably be the best. Do you have access to Goal Factory?

Thank you

Jeffrey Gignac

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