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What frequencies are best for manifestation?

Hi Jeffrey, 

I am using both the Deep Conscious Awakening and Elite packages, which are pretty amazing!

I have 2 questions - firstly, can you clarify which frequency ranges both use, I seem to recall you mentioned in a talk that DC Awakening uses mid to upper Beta?

And what approx spectrum range do you use in the Elite recordings?

I would like to know as I am keeping a record of how I react, feel and manifest with continued use of different frequencies.

Following on from that, what in your experience is the most effective freq for manifestation?  I have read that theta is best, do you agree and if so which tracks in your programme do you recommend specifically for improving affirmation manifestation?

Many thanks for your great products!


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Hello Trish,

In general, Alpha and Theta are best. Waking Delta and Subdelta and Gamma are also good.

Alpha helps you to manifest and put together resources you already have.

Theta helps you create new resources that you might need to use in the "putting it all together Alpha range"

DCA helps manifestation in a totally different way by helping organize chaotic beta brainwave activity. DCA represents a new way of doing things based on Jeff's new research.

There are Alpha, Beta and some Gamma in the DCA audios.

THe Elite Video Packages use Alpha and Theta and some sub-delta and some Gamma depending on the video.

I think they are amazing too.

Hope that helps,

THe Support Team

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