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Cancelling my


I am trying to cancel my account but having difficulties.

I signed via a credit card via paypal but looking the details of the subscription

on Paypal there is not cancelation link

I tried cancelling via My Account dashboard but it does not work as I get take to a blank screen with no message or confirmation.

So how do I cancel my account and I would like to do this right  now before the next payment is due.


I am having the identical problem, have been trying to cancel for the last couple of days, the cancellation page is not properly interactive.

Please cancel my account.

So sorry for the delay. We had a problem with our ticket system. To cancel you account, you must do i

t through your paypal account since that is the way you paid. Login to your paypal account and find the original transaction

and cancel the account. If yu can't do it before the next payment comes out, I will refund you transaction

Thank you


Hi Jeff

I bought your programme throught the Awakening introduction special offer two days ago and I did not receive the programme.  There seems to be no where to go to or call to find out what is happening, or to correct the problem.  The special is up tonight.  I wanted to cancel the order and the Support from Live Big Media online is not responding other than the first reply to say to wait.


This is not good.  You have a great programmed, but those manning your representation have done a horrible job, which backfires on the reputation of the person providing the product.


I am going to reorder just the one main one for $37 - and return the previous order should it come in after tonight.based on the return within so many days policy given the buyer and get my credit card company to get the money back.   Sorry.

I Am so sorry to hear that. Did you cancel yet? Because I can help.

I don't have much control of how they deliver the products and I know sometimes e-mails that contain download links get lost in the digital abyss. For some reason or another, "account information" e-mails tend to get blocked more then the others.

At any rate, let me know and I will help to get this sorted for you,


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