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 This video was impressive Jeffery. Being sensitive to energies, I could feel the frequencies working on my body as I watched. I wanted to jump inside of it. I believe if ur mind is open anything can change.

After watching and listing to your 10min.-turn-around, my head feels about 30% better, as I was having a stress/tension headache around the front top part of my head. My anxiety too is better, I feel calmer, more relaxed. This is my first time.

Wow!  Just watched the video, wasn't even aware it had stopped, I thought I could see the picture still moving slowly.  Let's see, before the video I was feeling pretty good actually (been using the elite videos for about the past 4 weeks, very consistently the last 2 weeks).  During the video I started feeling a buzzing in my chest, and then a buzzing in my brain, and started to feel very open.  After the video, I'm feeling very open right now, very relaxed.  Ready for bed :-)  And I will add, too, like Elsa, I felt like jumping inside of the video…

I watched the Turn Around vid. Had some issues to get it to work. But managed. I have a lot of your work, I 'felt' this one, almost trance like about half way in.

I downloaded the others but can't find them on my drive. Keep uip the great work you do.


Just wanted to post what the morning after was like…had a vivid dream that made me feel really happy.  Realized later that the story followed along closely with my intention for the video the night before.  It was wonderful waking up that happy and fulfilled.  Thank you so much for the gift, I'm looking forward to more views and uplifting mornings!

I watched the video a couple hours or so ago for the first time.  I was feeling pretty good before I watched.  It was similar to the Elite Videos but definitely different.  A while ago some (other than conscious) stuff came up and my mood was lowered and I felt really down, which is not "normal" for me. So I watched it again just now and stated my intent again and it worked!  When I watched the "Interrupt & Rewire" instructions I had thought to myself that I probably wouldn't get a chance to try that part because I am, most always happy.  The 10 minute turn-around, like the Elite Videos seems to put me in an alpha state and then theta because it was a struggle to stay awake or keep my eyes open (could be too tired).  Does it?  And does the Turn-around cause things to come up?  Even if it didn't, I am glad for the experience and the opportunity to try "interrupt & rewire".   Does the 50 minute limit include using the Elite videos (40 min.) with the Turn-around (10 min.)? Or just use the Turn-around for 50 minutes max. per day?  I am anxious to see how this is going to be with repetitious use. Thank you very much for sharing this new innovation. I am going to use it again right before going to bed tonight.  Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.  Has anyone begin working with the "Interrupt and Rewire" process?

Are the instructions clear? 

This is a powerful process and it can be used to clear or change just about anything in your life when used with consistency in conjunction with the right technology.

How can I help with the understanding of this process?

Thanks again

Jeffrey GIgnac

P.S. Please keep up with the feeback

I have't begun doing the Interrupt and Rewire process in the literal sense of the instructions, which are very clear.  Just because throughout the day, I don't really have the option of taking a nap.  But when I use before bedtime, the intention I make is meant to interrupt some negative thought processes.  And I've felt better right after as well as the next morning.

I was on the webinar you just had a few weeks ago, where you talked about the Interrupt and Rewire process too.  But there you said, the "Interrupt" part was anything, like jumping out of your chair and yelling something positive, and then using the Brain Fitness technology at that point.  I actually used it in conjunction with another part of a program I'm going through that's basically the same principle.  It's called, Trigger Recognition and Response system.  You figure out the trigger and your usual response to it, then you create the response you'd like to have, and implement that when you get triggered instead.

So putting the 2 together, I had:

When I start thinking about taking a break before I even get started (I realized working on launching my new business was triggering a fear response to living bigger, so I would procrastinate)…

I jump up and dance and smile and laugh (love dancing so that came easily:) This is where I used the fun/powerful songs on my playlist

Think about specific items I've already done and congratulate and praise myself for getting this far (yay me!)

Watch Inner Genius or other Brain Fitness for Busy People video/audio

Take 1 step forward in my pre-launch activities

More praise for me

1 more step forward…positive feedback loop :-)

It looks a bit complicated when it's in words, but it's pretty simple, and I realized it really is the same principle, interrupt negative stuff (jump up and dance) and rewire with something positive (yay me! / Brain Fitness tech), move forward with my work…

I had a lot of fun that first day I laid it all out, I was jumping up and dancing a lot! :-)

I've only used the 10 Minute Turn Around Level 4 video twice now, but each time I've felt wonderful during and directly afterward, and really good the next day.  Had some very productive days getting a lot of foundational stuff done.

Thank you!

Hey Gina.... Good on YOU!

Your response is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing so much of your most recent experiences! :)

The process I teach is not the first iteration of the basic tenements of Neuroscience. There are lots of great iterations that work and I applaud (vigorously) when they work!

Keep up the good work and keep using what works for you.... Imagine everything that brings you closer to where you want to be---> I know you're already doing that :)

Thanks Gina..... please reach out whenever it works

Thanks Jeff!  I'm continuing with the 10 min turn around L4 video every night before bed, and each time during the video there's usually at least one moment where I get teary eyed, in a joyful way.  I think it's when I'm able to really focus and concentrate on my intention and just watching the video.  Sometimes other random thoughts creep in (what am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow, that kind of thing) but when I'm able to super focus I get this feeling of pure positive emotion. 

And this morning I woke up with this feeling (it started last night) that I’m starting to take things for what they are, and not putting a story behind it. It’s very freeing, like I'm living with a big layer of stress taken off of me. I feel like that’s one step closer to feeling what I choose, when I choose, yes?  And it’s not that everything’s neutral, seems like the stuff that used to be negative I'm now able to see in a neutral or even positive light.

I've noticed an increase in my productivity too, I'm thinking all the energy I used to waste on stressing out is now going towards moving forward - very cool, thank you so much again for this gift! :-)

 Both my wife & I did NOT feel any difference with the INNER GENIUS but with this new video, although I have not felt a difference, my wife is full of praise for it. She works night shifts & watches it before her NAP in the evening before going to work & she is now full of energy & does NOT feel tired like she did before.  I will try to watch it more than once a day to see if i can also benefit from your great work. My wife who is sitting next to me as I type insists that I THANK YOU on her behalf for this FANTASTIC video. Thank you my friend

Hi I just join the forum, can someone explain to me about the Level 4 from the Ten-Minute turn-around, I am using the INNER GENIUS audio, Elite packages and just recently bought the Deep Awakening Consciousness Breakthrough. Is there a systematic to use ALL the products throughout the day, or do I have to use them depending on my intentions, goals, situations? I am experimenting with using the INNER GENIUS audio in the morning to help me wake-up, Elite packages during the time when I need to be super productive and using the Deep awakening consciousness Breakthrough before I go to bed to manifest my dreams. Any other suggestions Jeff?


So I experimented today with Level 4/10 min turn around, since it's Sunday and I knew I could take a nap anytime:)  Previously I've just been watching it before bedtime.  Worked very well!  I felt good before, very good after.  Took a 10 minute nap.  I've been knocking things off my to do list ever since!  So now that I know I don't need a whole night to sleep before it kicks in, I'll be using it when I know I can take a short nap, yay!

@Alex.newvision: did you watch the video where Jeff explains each level?  If not, it's a great one to watch.  I'd say depending on if you get super sleepy after watching the level 4 video, and when you have the ability to take at least a short nap, you could use it whenever you have something you want to interrupt and rewire.  I'm going to continue to use if before bedtime too, but now also during the day when I know I can take a 10-15 minute nap for some high productivity!  In the instructional video, he did say to not watch more than 50 minutes total (of the 10 min turn around products) per day, at least at first.

Good luck, love to hear how other people are using the technology:-)

Hi Gina,
Thanks for the reply, where can I access the video where Jeff explains each level?
Thank you.


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