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Hi Jeff,


Where are the links to  purchase the Turn Around program? These do not have any of the subliminal messages scrolling across the screen?

Jeff, what suggestions/ recommendations can you offer regarding the sequence or methodology of  your different programs? For example Life Response Frequencies, Elite and Inner Genius ... how you would use these? I also have the Life Response Hypnosis and I am in the Brain Fitness for Busy People. It seems as a lot of the music are the same however I doubt it. Please clarify.


I emailed you with a support ticket on Friday and hope you received it and will respond.


Great products as always!!



Hi Alex, not sure if we all came to getting the level 4 video the same way, but after I clicked the download link in the email Jeff sent, along with the download of the level 4 video, there was a general instructions video for the 10 minute turn around program (explained how to use all the levels) as well as a video explaining the "interrupt and rewire" process.  Hope that helps :-)

Thank you so much for the feedback everyone. For those of you that have specific questions about other products, please open a support ticket. We won't be able to address your specific questions here on this thread.

Thank you once again

Jeffrey Gignac

The Ten Minute Turn-Around will be re-opened FEB 27, just fo those that are asking.

Thank you

Jeffrey Gignca

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I have to admit that thanks to the Level 4 Video I'm able to sleep through the whole night. Before it was impossible as every night I experienced problems falling asleep and then I woke up during night and had problems with going back to sleep again. When I go to bed straight after watching the video I fall asleep easily and don't wake up during night. I feel more energetic the next day too and with a better mood which is quite surprising as I usually struggle with good mood.

I'm struggling with interrupt and rewire though. I wish there was a video doing this for me... I watch Elite Videos but they don't have a desired effect on me sadly. I like the music, but mood stays the same.

I'm so glad the 10 minute turn around will be re-opened, I'd love to start using the other levels too.  Since I don't have much opportunity to take a nap during the day, I've been using Level 4 before bedtime mostly.  Looking forward to using this tech during the day.  Although I do feel it's actually having a positive effect for interrupt and rewire.  My intention has to do with moving forward (in spite of any negative thoughts/processes).  So I think it's helping, I have seen an increase in my overall productivity and I definitely feel more clear and sharp the next day.  And I have been using the interrupt and rewire process, usually w/the inner genius video.

@Patrycja: as I understand it, you can use any of the tech for interrupt and rewire, it's just that 10 min turn around was made for it, so is an especially powerful tool for it.  And w/any of the products, it takes time and consistent use.  I know that when I started using the elite videos, I really liked watching them, and listening to the accompanying audios, but at first only experienced some subtle positive shifts.  It took me a few weeks to get into the habit of watching them every day, and then a few weeks after that, I looked back at my journal entries and realized I had made some significant shifts in the way I was thinking, and getting more productive too.  And, as the instructions video pointed out, everyone has a different timeline, some people it only takes a few weeks, and others a bit more time.  I'm definitely going to  keep with the process with the elite videos, and Level 4 at night, and then start during the day with the other levels after it's re-opened on 2/27.  And keep checking in with myself and my journal entries to see about any subtle (and not so subtle:) positive shifts.  Good luck to us!

@Gina Thank you for your post. I probably lack consistency and I'm quite impatient - I want things to act NOW. If they don't I get discouraged. Surprisingly the more I watch the worst mood I get into. I might be able to shake it off quicker then months ago - at that time I could have weeks of feeling down. It is better at present - if I feel amazing one day I would feel very bad the next; shake it off during two days, feel better for few days and then negative thoughts creep in and the process starts again. It is quite tiring I must say. I'd love start living to the full finally. I seem to not be able to get rid of all the negativity stored in me. Feels like neverending story.

@Patrycja: I think this work we're doing is probably never ending in that it will just keep getting better and better.  And from your post it sounds like you've done a huge amount of work and gotten a big pay off too, so congratulations to you!  Whenever I realize how far I've come, if I'm starting to get down on myself for all the things I haven't done, I think about all that I've done and congratulate myself, and make that my positive starting place now.  Sending you good thoughts for it to just keep getting better and better:-)

@Gina. Thank you! I should indeed focus on what I have achieved rather than what not. Heard it so many times and still keep forgetting!

I can't wait to start the 10- minute turn around , I just learned of it today because my pc had some issues the biggest being my sound & video got distorted and I thought it be best not to listen to anything till it's fixed.

So I think I'm good to go now, a little bummed I missed the 2 & 3 options, however Grateful for your gift of level 4, I will let you know how I like it after my so needed vacation to Cabo next week for my 50th B day and I am going to start my 1st week of The Goal Factory! I'v been stuck, un-creative, and really fighting the negativity of everyone being so darned negative all the time, & about the littlest things even, then I finally cave & try to climb back out again.

Thank you for all you give for free, I appreciate it very much, Debbie

Loved the 10 Minute Turn Around Webinar, Jeff, thank you so much for all the great information, very much looking forward to implementing it!

Seems like after the disconnection, the questions bar was disconnected too, don't know if that was everyone or just me, but I thought I would pop in here and ask my question:

I'm already a member of the Brain Fitness for Busy people, so how will I be able to purchase the 10 minute turn around on 4/14/14?  The date is on my calendar for sure, just need to know how to go about it ;-)

Thanks again for the webinar and all that you do!

Not sure if this is where we should post about our Ten Minute Turn Around Level 1 experiences, but here goes:

I've used it 3 times now, I know Jeff said to start with something small, so we build on the experience of achieving the smaller turn arounds before tackling something bigger, like feeling overwhelmed…but I couldn't think of anything, and the bigger stuff is more on my mind these days.  So I started with a bigger area, but I did hone it down to a specific situation, and had wonderful results.

As my negative thought, I used the way I feel when I'm thinking about networking (example: after emailing or mailing an intro letter to an office, I do a drop by to say hello and intro myself in person).  When walking into the office, I start feeling low self confidence, thinking, what if they're busy and are annoyed with me?  etc.)

So did the exercise 3 times over the course of a few days, the last time right before I did my drop by's for 2 locations.  And right before I walked in, I listened to my song that makes me feel confident, happy, inspired and authentic.  Waaaaaay better feeling as I walked in.  I really did feel confident and authentic.  And each interaction I had was quite nice!  I am so looking forward to continuing this process and getting better and better in these interactions :-)

Interestingly, that day after I'd done my drop by's, I received 2 emails, one from a potential client, one from a potential referral source.  Not from one of the drop in's I did that day, but from earlier in the week, but as signs from the Universe go, I'll take it, thank you Universe :-)

Hi Jeff,

What happened to my Goal Factory videos? I was busy with video 2 and starting video 3 next coming week.  I have done the second week Goal Factory tasks i.e. writing my 

6 goals,  translating phase and chunking down.

Thank you.

Well, I'm certainly glad I re-listened to the Introduction to Level 1,  I was absolutely certain you were talking about sexual positions - several times! I did wonder how that could affect my brain training, but, one never knows!  However, upon re-listening, I heard perceptual positions.

Where is #4? I don't think I have come across it.
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